Let there be light, and there I was – wobble

Image courtesy of Luke with Pixnio by way of a Creative Commons license. https://pixnio.com/objects/electronics-devices/electric-lights-pictures/fluorescent-lights

This morning I became angry. For TWO YEARS I have tolerated relative darkness in my kitchen, all because the overhead flourescents had grown dim. They needed changing. The replacement lights had been sitting on a cabinet in the dining room…. READ MORE

Just got back from my first real vacation in 24 years

All images courtesy of Del Stone Jr.

It was my first real vacation in 24 years. I’d sneaked in weekends here and there – three days in backwoods Louisiana, where the kudzu is thicker than the Cajun accents, or a weekend of schmoozing at a writers’ convention… READ MORE

It really is OK for men to cry

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I’ve become a cry baby in my old age. I cry at movies – moments where the couple meet and finally – FINALLY – realize they love each other, and as the music swells, their lips come together … and… READ MORE

An excerpt from my novel ‘Black Tide’

Image courtesy of Wallpaper Flare.

This is a scene from my novel “Black Tide,” which I hope to begin shopping to an agent later this year or next. In this scene, Fred, Heather and Scotty are trapped on a spoil island in Santa Rosa Sound… READ MORE

To me, the Oscars represent hope

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Del Stone Jr. is a professional fiction writer. He is known primarily for his work in the contemporary dark fiction field, but has also published science fiction and contemporary fantasy. Stone’s stories, poetry and scripts have appeared in publications such… READ MORE

Florida is not free

Image courtesy of Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan through Public Domain Pictures.

When you are no longer able to say what you think, you are no longer free. Florida is not free. About the author: Del Stone Jr. is a professional fiction writer. He is known primarily for his work in the… READ MORE

Yes, birds sing – but not for the reasons you think!

Image courtesy of Del Stone Jr.

It’s spring! All the birds are singing. We have this notion birds sing because they’re happy, flying around, going wherever they want, eating whatever they want. They’re free! But that’s not why birds sing. Birds sing because they’re marking their… READ MORE